Mario Brothers Lamp (new variations)

A few variations of the Mario Brothers LEGO lamp. What’s new in this version is the two “1 UP’s on the side and a ghost on the opposite side. I haven’t used them in any previous builds. I also played around with the idea of building the base of the lamp from translucent bricks so that it would …


Super Mario Tower

This is my latest “big” LEGO project. Since selling my last Mario tower I haven’t had a place to put my keys, wallet, and sunglasses so I figured it was time to build a new tower. I didn’t want to just recreate the last Mario tower but I still wanted to go with the Mario …


Translucent LEGO Mosaic – LEGO Logo

Made from approximately 4,000 LEGO pieces, this translucent LEGO mosaic stands nearly 14″ and is over 22″ long. LED strip lights have been attached to the back that project outward (towards the back) so that when the mosaic is placed anywhere near a wall or backdrop the light reflects off the backdrop and gives a nice …


Superman LEGO mosaic light

[symple_box color=”gray” fade_in=”false” float=”left” text_align=”center” width=”100%”] Specs Height: 12.75″ Width: 15.75″ Thickness: 5.75″ at the base Brick Count: 4,500+ [/symple_box]